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Rules by Varos Talantos, Nov 13, 2010 14:59:25 GMT -5
Welcome to Distension! We ask that you please read our Rules before creating a character. This section includes the Play-By Face Claim and the New Member's Guide.
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Earned Stats by Drago, Apr 24, 2016 14:08:14 GMT -5
All the important information about the world of Distension. Includes races, abilities, and other such things for character creation.
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Why? by Undertrash, Apr 30, 2016 12:11:31 GMT -5
Let us know what you are thinking! The questions board is Guest-Friendly! All updates to the forums will be posted under this board for your convenience from now on so you don't have to review everything to make sure you're doing everything properly.
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The Records

Think you're ready? Use the character application template to create your character in this board.
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Crimson by Varos Talantos, Apr 30, 2016 11:48:44 GMT -5
Once your character gets accepted (if it does), it will be moved here for safekeeping.
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Roelerra Watts by Varos Talantos, Jan 28, 2016 21:10:09 GMT -5
All denied characters and dead characters will be kept here.
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I'm Not Just 'Different' (OPEN) by Undertrash, Apr 30, 2016 13:29:05 GMT -5
Our realm. Home to humans and supernaturals, although the former is much more common. Supernaturals hide in underground cities, or with magic, if they wish to mingle with others.
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Almost Dead (Closed) by Mozoga, Apr 13, 2016 13:46:57 GMT -5
A marvelous fantasy world, filled with unique creatures. Here, none need to hide their true form, but venture away from the towns and you may meet your end.
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General Information & Regulations by Leta Raz Hades, Aug 30, 2013 1:03:27 GMT -5
The dangerous realm between worlds, it is also the location of Shangri-la, the home of the Gods. Mountains, orange fields, an ancient fortress, a floating arena. Truly surreal, but the most dangerous of all realms.
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In the Past

Rules of the Past by Varos Talantos, Apr 5, 2014 0:35:26 GMT -5
Rules and important info for RPing in the past.
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The incubation zone for past characters. If you wish to RP in history, apply here. All accepted and dead characters are listed here.
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Not all that shines is gold. by Eos Erigeneia, Apr 10, 2015 14:31:08 GMT -5
RP throughout history in the past roleplaying area.
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Out of Character

Count to 1000 by Undertrash, Apr 30, 2016 12:03:35 GMT -5
Chat with your fellow roleplayers about the outside world.
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Let's Make Some Noise! by Ten, Feb 10, 2016 12:22:31 GMT -5
Use this board to find people to roleplay with your characters, or to request another member making a certain character for you.
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Avina >:) by Avina Paccius, Mar 29, 2016 20:55:07 GMT -5
An area to keep your character and thread list updated.
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Hunting the Stymphalian Bird (Success!) by Ten, Mar 7, 2016 23:05:08 GMT -5
Finished threads, dead threads, antiquated convos, etc, will be stored here.
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Battleborn - Post-Potter - Florence, Italy - JCINK by Lavinia, Apr 30, 2016 2:53:26 GMT -5
Advertising is allowed here only. If you wish to affiliate with us, this is the place to go.
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I'm Not Just 'Different' (OPEN) by Undertrash Apr 30, 2016 13:29:05 GMT -5
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